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Freshly Baked, Smashed Cake

Here at Cake Smash, we are the experts of baking delicious, fresh, homemade decadent delights and like any true cake connoisseur, we aren’t afraid to smash it to pieces right after. That’s right! We ain’t jokin’.

It’s cake…smashed.

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All our flavour combinations are thoroughly tested and approved by our SMASHing team of taste testers who find the best flavour combos of chocolate and sweet treats we know you will love.

Try your Cake Smash pots straight from the fridge or warmed up. Our new and expanding range is available now, right from the comfort of well, wherever! We deliver to mainland UK, right to your door.

Don’t you think it’s time to get SMASHED?

Are you ready for a surprise?

Let us surprise you with a bakers choice Cake Smash. You might receive one already sold, it could be one we used to sell but is currently unavailable to buy, or it could be a brand new Cake Smash straight out of our imagination kitchen. You'll have to wait and see...


Get creative

We love to see how you enjoy your Cake Smash at home. Do you eat it warm with ice cream? Or do you add lots of toppings?

Show us how you eat your Cake Smash on Instagram for a chance to feature on our feed and on the website.


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